1. Electronics and Communication Engineering was established in 2000 with B. Tech. Programme, intake of 30 students. Currently, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering has B.Tech. Programme with 4 sections, intake of 240 students and 1 M.Tech. Programme
    • VLSI Design and Embedded Systems with an intake of 12.
  2. The B. Tech. Programme has been accredited by NBA as per OUTCOME BASED EDUCATION.
  3. Faculty members of ECE are motivated to publish Research Papers in reputed journals. Publication count is significantly increased. During last 5 years more than 200 Research Papers were published in Journals including IEEE, IET, Elsevier and Springer and more than 100 Papers were published in various Conferences. Further, faculty members of ECE served as Reviewers for Reputed Journals.
  4. Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of India sanctioned a Research Project titled "Rural Health care Improvement for early detection of NVD & NVE in Diabetic Retinopathy" worth of Rs.21.75 Lakhs in 21.08.2018. (Status: Completed)
  5. All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) sanctioned a Project for modernizing Microwave Lab worth of Rs.9.75 Lakhs under MODROBS in the department on 17.10.2017. (Status: Completed).
  6. Earlier the department has completed 3 projects funded by AICTE worth of Rs. 32.5 Lakhs.
  7. IE Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore sanctioned Consultancy Project titled "Simulation based Design of 2kW Full Bridge DC-DC power Converter" worth of Rs.2.8497 Lakhson 29.01.2020. (Status: On-going).
  8. Sigma Microsystems Private Limited, Hyderabad sanctioned Consultancy Project titled " Development of Simulation for the control loop tuning of Advanced Vector Control Based Servo Systems of Actuators " Rs.4.88 Lakhs on 18.12.2020 (Status: On-going).
  9. Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) sanctioned Rs.0.50 Lakhs for conducting National Workshop on Machine Intelligence in Smart Grid & Communication on 31.01.2019(Conducted during 6th-10th May 2019)
  10. Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of India sanctioned Rs.1.25 Lakhs for conducting National Workshop on Advanced Signal, Speech and Image Processingon 15.09.2015. (Conducted 1st - 3rd December 2016)
  11. MHRD Innovation Council(MIC) recognized the College as Institute Innovation Council (IIC). Faculty are encouraged towards the Innovation.
    • No. of Patents granted = 8
    • No. of Patents published = 13
    • No. of Patents filed = 3
  12. To share database and effective algorithms for implementing R&D Projects and publishing Research Papers in Journals, MoUs are made with 9 reputed organizations.
    1. Kalpah Innovations Pvt. Ltd. on 10th August 2016
    2. Drishti Eye Care Systems, Nepal on 25th February 2019
    3. BSNL, Visakhapatnam on 22nd November 2019
    4. Asian Institute of Nephrology and Urology Pvt. Ltd on 6th January, 2020.
    5. Candela Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. on 15th September, 2021.
    6. Myaccess Pvt. Ltd on 27th October, 2021.
    7. Capgemni India Pvt. Ltd. on 29th November, 2021.
    8. Sankar Foundation Eye Hospital, Visakhapatnam on 6th January, 2022.
    9. Sri Shasha Prayathi Technologies Pvt. Ltd. on 15th February, 2023.
  13. 31 faculty members of ECE awarded SWAYAM certificates for successful completion of 75 advanced courses.
  14. 3 faculty members were awarded Certificates for successful completion of DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION IN TEACHING LEARNING PROCESS, Organized by NPIU and conducted by IIT-Bombay on SWAYAM during 16th - 30th March 2020.
  15. 16 faculty of ECE are Doctorates, 15 faculty members are pursuing Ph. D. in various reputed organizations.
  16. 23 Faculty are members of various Professional Bodies like IEEE, IETE.
  17. During the last 5 years, 1 student was awarded with Ph.D under the guidance of ECE Faculty from JNTU Kakinda and 25 students are working for their Ph. D. under the guidance of ECE Faculty for students in reputed institutes like IIT Delhi, JNTU Kakinada and Andhra University.
  18. 8 Patents are awarded for the faculty of ECE and 13 patents are published for the faculty of ECE.
  19. Organized an International Conference with Publication partner Springer during 3rd - 4th February 2018. (300 papers are received and 82 Research Papers accepted for presentation all these papers are published in Springer LEE series in 2019).
  20. 20. Organized an 2020 IEEE INDIAN COUNCIL INTERNATIONAL SUBSECTION'S CONFERENCE (IEEE INDISCON 2020) during 3rd -4th October 2020. (Papers presented in Conference are published in IEEE Xplore)
  21. During the last five years, the department organized 12 Workshops Programmes and 2 Guest lectures. In thrust areas , Faculty of ECE attended more than 500 Programmes organized by reputed Institutions.
  22. Department has 5 Digital Class Rooms for implementing Flip-learning.
  23. Labs of ECE are full equipped with modern Software(CADENCE, HFSS, MATLAB etc.) and Hardware (PCB Machine, Spectrum Analyzer with VNA mode,Fundus Camera, DSOs, DSP Kits etc.).
  24. Department has student chapter in association with IETE to enhance student technical skills and non-technical skills.
  25. Department has a Research Lab "Centre for Medical Imaging Studies(CMIS)" for implementing state-of-the-art AI-based algorithms for precise detection and early diagnosis of patient complications related to ophthalmic imaging.


  1. Students of ECE are securing TOP Ranks in GATE and joining in M. Tech. in IITs and PSUs with GATE Score.
    • N. L. Venkatesh (Roll No.15131A04E6) student of ECE secured AIR-2 in Engineering Services Examination (ESE) - 2022.
    • Gopi Krishna Yadav (Roll No.11131A0437) student of ECE secured AIR-22 in Engineering Services Examination (ESE) - 2019.
    • T. Krishnamurthy Naidu (Roll No.14131A04L2) student of ECEsecured AIR-37 in GATE-2019.
    • N. L. Venkatesh (Roll No.15131A04E6)student of B. Tech (ECE) secured AIR-97 in GATE-2019.
    • Gadidamalla Naga Narasimharao (Roll No.16131A0455) student of B. Tech (ECE) secured AIR-101 in GATE-2021.
  2. Alumni of ECE are working as Scientist, R&D Engineers and Design Engineers in reputed Organizations like ISRO, DRDO, BHEL, INTEL, TCS, WIPRO and other multi-national Companies.
  3. Students are also joining for M.S. in Reputed Universities like George Mason University, California State University.
  4. Students published 5 SCI Journals , 2 Scopus Journals, 2 Peer Reviewed Journals.
  5. 2 Hardware models of Students were awarded with patents and additionally two more patents are published by students.
  6. 3 students are acting as Entrepreneurs for various Start-ups.
  7. Students are participating in International Innovation fairs, Hardware Competitions and Conferences organized by the reputed organizations like IITs, IISc, NITs and securing 1st and 2nd positions.
    • B. V. Mahesh Subrahmanyam (Roll No:17135A0405), was recognized as the Best Innovative Start-up Prototype Growhitha in APSCHE Start-ups Competitions -2022 and also was awarded with cash prize of 1 Lakh held on 10th July,2022 at Andhra University, Visakhapatnam.
    • A.V.N.Rahul(Roll No.14131A0406)student of ECE established a Startup "M/S PARNA TECHNOLOGIES" ARS INNO INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED" on 2nd January, 2020.
    • B.V.Mahesh Subrahmanyam (Roll No.17135A0405)student of ECE was selected as CEOsof MARS INNO INDIA Pvt. Ltd. (Based on his performance in TIDE-2.0 organized by the Govt. of India, Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology in 2020.
    • B.V. Mahesh Subrahmanyam (Roll No.17135A0405)student of ECE presented his hardware model GROWHITHA in the International Innovation Fair-2019 during 1st-3rd December, 2019.
    • Shanmukha Saketha Ramanujam Samavedam(Roll No.15131A04I6) student of ECE is recognised as INNOVATOR for their concept "Static Object Detection using Raspi and Machine Learning" at Techgium conducted by L&T Technology Services on 13thApril 2018.
    • A.V.N.RAHUL (Roll No.14131A0406)student of ECE was awarded BRONZE MEDAL for outstanding Innovative Approach inInternational Innovation Fair, Visakhapatnam held on 9th-11th September, 2018.
    • M.Sai Ashok(Roll No.14131A04B0), K.V.S Chakravarthi (Roll No.15135A0424) and K. Anusha Priyadarshini(14131A0486)students of ECE presented their project in Shaastra Circuit Design Challenge organized by IIT Madras and got BEST INNOVATION PROJECT Award during 23rd - 26th January 2017
    • A.V.N.RAHUL (Roll No.14131A0406)student of ECE presented "Smart Agriculture" at Vizag Fest held on 1st - 10th December 2017.
    • Bhavyatha Pandrangi (Roll No.14131A0415), Sona mohammaed(Roll No. 14131A04J4), Srujana Kameswari Renduchintala (Roll No. 14131A04I8) students of ECE bagged Second Prize with cash award of Rs.7000/- in "Women of the New Millennium Hackathon - A road to GES" during 25th - 26th November, 2017. The students got opportunity for attending the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES)S-2k17.
    • Sreenivasa Rao Yammanuri(Roll No.14131A04M8), Venkata Rama Sravana Lakshmi Sanapala(Roll No.14131A04L0), Bhavyatha Pandrangi(Roll No.14131A0415), and Srujana KameswariRenduchintala(14131a04I8) students of ECEhave been recognized as the University Innovation Fellows by the Stanford University's Hasso Platter Institute of Design, USA in October, 2017.
    • P.Vinay Raja (Roll No.14131A04H4), N.R.S.D Mahesh(Roll No.14131A04E0) students of ECE stood in Second Position in Maze Rover Competition at Shaastra fest, IIT Madras during 23rd -26th January 2017.

The Faculty, Staff and Students are working in-line with the


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